The final day of school arrived and the children were in the kitchen using their skills in procedural writing and prepared Rice Krispie buns and Rocky Road which were enjoyed by the parents and children after the Graduation assembly for 6th class. We wish them all the best in Secondary school as they begin their new journey.








Well done to all the children who took part in the ‘Write a Book’ competition. A special congratulations to the winners in junior infants, first class and sixth class  who were chosen to attend the award ceremony this evening Wednesday the 13th of May in the Inn at Dromoland. They each received prizes and were acknowledged for all their hard work in creating their books. 

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Erika the author and storyteller visited Boston N.S. yesterday the 6th of May 2015, the children had a fantastic time listening to many stories. Some of the stories were fiction and others were non-fiction.

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Boston N.S. have written out many procedures in literacy and yesterday the children in the senior room prepared and made a healthy apple crumble using wholemeal flour and oat flakes. All the children sampled the apple crumble and were delighted with the end product.













The children that participated in read-a-thon received their certificates and gifts today. Well done! KEEP READING!IMG_0476[1]





Boston N.S. have prepared their books for the ‘Write-a-book’ competition. Many weeks of planning, writing, editing and illustrations have taken place. IMG_0449[1]IMG_0450[1]





The Children of Boston National School were expressing themselves through poetry.

Please click on the following limericks below:


Limerick By Laura                                                     Limericks by David

Masieby rebecca                                                         Mars limerick by gustavo

Kate And The Slate by Bella                                    limerick by Richard

Limerick by Nathan                                                  Japan limerick by Meadhbh

My Family May Be…by Annie




Pancake Tuesday today and the children prepared pancakes in the school kitchen. The children will use their experience of making pancakes to write the procedure during literacy. Of course they had the opportunity to taste the ‘fruits of their labour’.

Happy Pancake Tuesday as we prepare for Ash Wednesday tomorrow and Lent to begin.













The junior room have being learning about procedural writing. On Friday February 6th the children got to work together to bake cookies following their steps in procedural writing for  recipes. Here are a few snaps of the children at work. 




























Acrostic Poems by the senior room please click on each image to view poem







Boston National School


Written by the children

December 2014


Read-a thon by Gustavo

 M.S lee gave every one a card to raise money for MS Ireland. Every one read lots of  book’s. Every one finished their read a thon cards and raised over 400 euro for MS Ireland.

 Title:Knitting in our school by Rebecca

 Date:On the 7th of November people came in to teach us all how to knit. We knitted for a month. Ms.Lee gave us all some wool and knitting needles. Some of us already had some needles and wool so we brought in our own.


Who came: The people who came were Olga Kearns, Edel Cooney,Mary ODonoghue and Angela Early. First class from the other room came in as well to do some knitting with the big room. I had lots of fun doing knitting and I cannot wait until next time.

 The Three Little Pigs by Annie Kearns

Who went: The junior infants and 1st class went to see the three little pigs. They went on the 10 of December to Ennis. They were very excited.

 Baking in our school by Bella Rose

We made rice crispie buns

One of the Fridays Ms.Lee surprised us and said we were going to make rice crispie buns .We went into the kitchen and put the dark chocolate into the microwave .

After thirty seconds we took it out and stirred it. When it was melted we put the rice crispies into the bowl with the dark chocolate and mixed it. It smelt delicious, we brought it back into our class room we got bun cases and put the mixture in .We waited for it to harden.Then we ate, it was really nice .

                                                                Football Semi Final and Sport

Hello my name is Meadhbh Fahey a few weeks ago we were playing playing in the school semi-finals we were playing against Ennistymon.

We joined up with Tubber N.S. I was playing in full forward with Mathew.


At half time they were winning by about three goals but we came back and scored two goals but when time was up we were very sad because we lost.


We loved gymnastics but we are finished, we will begin swimming lessons in the Spring time.


Our Concert by David

We did a Christmas concert in the school. We did a nativity play and we played the guitar and concertina. And the junior room were performing too. We danced, said poems and sang songs.

 New tablets by Richard

We got the  2 new tablets in November. We can use them to do mathletics, reading eggs, scratch and powerpoints.

 Hair Spray by Laura

The 14th of November  2014, my school Boston N.S went to  see a musical called ‘Hair Spray’. We left at precisely 10:00 am. On the way back the bus was stuck in traffic because of road works.

                When we arrived

Hair spray already started and we had to be really quiet walking in. Hair spray was good. Everyone enjoyed it.

                    At the end

The people acting out hair spray were really good at singing and were dressed up like the actors in the movie, hair spray. When hair spray was over, everyone got on the bus and we went back to school.

 Burren Beo Scholarship by Nathan

Our school is learning is about the Burren we won a scholarship with Tubber N.S. We learned a lot about it and it is interesting. Tubber school came to our school and we went to them. The Burren has lots of rocks called limestone. The farmers own some of the Burren and put their cows in the Burren.

 INTO Table quiz

 We participated in the table quiz in Ennis N.S. We had 2 teams, we had lots of fun and did really well.