Music in our school by Meadhbh & Bella

In our school we learn how to the play concertina, tin whistle and guitar. We love it and we are all talented, the small room plays tin 1whistle with Jacqueline and Ms Lee is our guitar teacher, then Jacqueline teaches us concertina. We did concertina last year. We started guitar this year guitar is harder than it looks. Every Thursday we do guitar but it has change to Friday because we do gymnastics on Thursday, we do concertina on a Friday. When you know the notes it’s easy to play concertina but guitar is harder to play but its fun hearing the songs and learning new notes. All the pupils in the school love Music. We are so grateful that we have nice teachers and good music teachers too.

Healthy Eating Policy

Boston N.S. introduced a healthy eating policy and we learned what foods are healthy and a chef came to our school to show us how to make healthy lunches.


The children in Boston N.S. performed a play promoting anti-bullying. The children learned what bullying is and what to do ‘TELL AN ADULT’.

 Art by Annie

Today is Monday the 20th of October 2014 today we did art with Mary.  Mary had a ghost, a bat, made out of a toilet roll tube and a ghost made out of a milk carton with lights. All Miss Kennedy’s room came into Miss Lee’s room.  We all made ghosts out of milk bottles, cloth and wool.  Some people made bat wings. We made posters for the Burren Beo Winterage display in Tubber Hall. We entered the Credit Union Art Competition. Hopefully someone from Boston N.S. will win!

Football by David

On Tuesday 21-10-14 the boys in Boston and Tubber competed in their first ever football Blitz.   

 We went by bus. The teams that we played were Ballycar and Mount Shannon we played them in New Market-on-Fergus. The boys from Boston were Nathan, Gustavo, Richard and myself David. First we played Mountshannon and we beat them. Then we played Ballycar and we drew with them it was a good match. We will play Mol an Oige in the Semi-Final on Tuesday 4th November in Lee’s Road Ennis at 1pm all the class are going.

Gaelic football By Laura

My name is Laura. I am doing a report on Gaelic football. On Wednesday the 16th of October, Boston school had a Gaelic match. We left at precisely 10:30am and we joined up with Tubber N.S.                     

Next we arrived at Crusheen, we had about 10 minutes to warm up.  I was in goals. 3 of the girls took shots on me. But I saved all of them.

The weather was terrible. It was lashing rain and it was ice cold! The girls all looked really cold.

Eventually it was time for the first match! All of the girls were amazing playing our first ever Gaelic match. Ms. Lee our teacher was watching us.

Who we played.
On our first match we played Crusheen, on our second match we played Kilnamona and on the last match we played Bansha/Clohanes!

After a while we got changed out of our wet clothes and into warms clothes. We got the bus back to school and dropped Tubber back to their school! It was a great day.

Gymnastics by Rebecca

On Thursday the 16th October 2014 we went to gymnastics for the first time. It took about thirty minutes to get to Ennis but it was so worth it!

Firstly we did some stretches in three groups. After we had finished doing our stretches the three teachers went with three different groups. Secondly we did an obstacle course. Next we went on this really long trampoline and then we went through hula hoops. After a while we went over to another area with a different teacher. We ran on a running track over blocks and onto the springs. Then we went over to the other teacher and did the poles. Finally we cooled off for the last five minutes. We cannot wait until the next time we go to gymnastics again. We love it.

The First Half term by Nathan and Gustavo

Ms. Nelson retired and we got a new teacher her name is Ms. Lee. She is the principal. This year we are doing Gaelic football, hurling and cross country. The other class have a new teacher because Ms. Bennett had a baby boy. We are doing an anti-bullying play and posters for the Burren Winterage weekend.